Some Frequently Asked Questions about Coin Wallets

We do not endorse or recommend one particular wallet - use these products at your own risk. This information is merely provided for educational purposes.

Paper Wallets (as seen at the top of this page)

It is recommended that you install and use a mobile wallet from the list below to eliminate unnecessary transactions and fees when sweeping funds from a printed paper wallet to a mobile wallet. In an instance where you do need to move funds from one wallet to another, you'll need access to the private key (typically a QR code) and then look in the settings or menu options to "Sweep Wallet" or "Import Wallet." Remember this where you store your valuable coins - be care of less secure or impostor apps and only use trusted links.

Mobile Wallets


  • The most robust multi-coin wallet for your desktop that still allows you to retain control of your private keys is Exodus.
  • If you prefer the safety and security of a hardware wallet you could also use a Trezor or Ledger.